Video: E30 at Buttonwillow – How to chase down a higher horsepower car.

Last time out at the track, we shook down the E30 and managed to break some stuff.  But more importantly, we hung out with some all-around great people and skilled drivers.

Running into an old friend was one highlight of the weekend.  My friend Greg K. parked his Lotus Elise in a garage right across from our crew and we hit it off right away, like no time had passed.

We were running similar lap times throughout the day, with both of us having a hard time with front end grip.  My excuse was that I was still shaking down a new car that needed front camber in a bad way.  For him, suspension settings had gotten monkeyed with since the last time out and he was struggling to find the sweet spot again.  The net result was that neither of us was running our best, but that’s sometimes part of the game.

Greg offered to give Intern Ben a ride, incurring a 130 lb weight penalty.  So we started a session with the goal of me trying to catch up and hopefully get past – while he tried to put distance between us.  There are some specific challenges to chasing down a higher power car, and I’m used to the challenge from the seat of my own Lotus.  It was a pleasant twist for me to be in a chase where the Lotus was the high-power machine.

The video tells the story – and offers some tips if you’re out to chase down a higher power car for yourself.  Have patience and plan ahead!

What it doesn’t show is that one lap later, my transmission gave up on me.  Nice driving, Greg – I had to break my car to keep up!

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