We're honored to give back to our communities, and invite you to join us in support.

Hope College Formula SAE

We're excited to announce our support of Hope College's FSAE team for the 2017 and 2018 seasons!  Hope College FSAE is truly committed to the founding spirit of FSAE.  A small group of engineering students with a passion for cars decided that they ought to be involved in this competition specially created for budding automotive engineers; so they started a club and got to work.  One of their goals for this year is to learn the principles of performance driving and hone their skill set.  We're  honored to have been chosen for the task, and are committed to helping these students develop their talents as well as their careers and their team legacy.  
We applaud their pursuit of knowledge and their work ethic.

Ventura County Outlaws Rugby Club

Wait, what?  This isn't racing, and it isn't Michigan!.  Yup - Cade has a soft spot in his heart for rugby, and these are the guys that taught him the sport, pushed him to better himself, and competed with integrity.  He's proud to be an Outlaws 'old boy.'  Here at Wrenchaholics we support the efforts of Ventura County Outlaws to grow the sport of rugby in the US, to develop as players, and to create lifelong friendships.  


Cars and Coffee at 2|42 Community Church

Join us for a Father's Day weekend celebration at 2|42 Brighton.  Bring your toys out to show off and check out the cool stuff your fellow gearheads have had tucked away all winter!  

We'll be there with our team, and would love to have you stop in and say hi!  Check out our events page for more details.