Sponsorship is a dirty word.

We hate the term sponsor.  It evokes a one-sided relationship in which the sponsor provides and the team consumes.  If you or your business has dealt with a racer like this, you’ve probably been soured on the idea.  It’s unfortunate that most racers just don’t understand that they have a responsibility to provide a return on investment in their team.  Here, we realize our responsibility to our partners, as well as the marketing capability that a racing endeavor offers.  It is like no other opportunity.  Racing fans are higher education, higher income, and more loyal than nearly any other customer base.

In particular, Wrenchaholics focuses on businesses local to Michigan.  By staying local, we provide unique opportunities that bigger teams can not.  As a small team, we can innovate like larger teams cannot, and create a custom marketing strategy that works for YOUR business.

  • Does your business attend industry events, trade shows, or local fairs?  Have you ever experienced the booth traffic generated by a racecar on display, with a fully suited driver willing to shake hands and talk?
  • Do you send out emails or newsletters?  Racing is a great news source to share as a part of that, and gives a personal touch beyond just another coupon or flyer.  
  • Have you ever hosted a client meeting at a racetrack?  A few flying laps as a passenger in a racecar, followed by a good lunch, builds smiles like little else can.

These are only a few examples of possibilities for marketing, client and employee engagement, and excitement generated through participation in a local racing team.  

Your business MUST have a marketing strategy that is creative, unique, effective and enjoyable.  Big businesses use racing because it works.  Let us work for you, too.