Nearly two decades of coaching experience has shown the importance of honing not only racing skills, but also teaching ability.  We've found that many very skilled racers lack the ability to convey just what exactly they do to be fast, lap after lap.  Finding a mentor who has dealt with the same challenges and can communicate effective solutions is critical! 

Our experience includes work with students of all levels - from the novice at their first track day to the veteran looking for refinement.  We've worked with marque specific clubs and with enthusiast organizations of all types.  We've even developed and implemented Limit Handling training for engineers at one of the 'Big Three' auto manufacturers.  We're proud to say that we've been repeatedly honored by the progress of our students and our accolades for approachability and clear guidance.

Hiring a great driver coach is an investment in yourself that saves time and frustration in the long run.  Call us to discuss your individual goals.

Race Car Rental

Not every racer owns their car.  In fact, there are a lot of good reasons not to!  A novice may not yet have decided what class to run in, or have enough knowledge to prep a competitive car.  A veteran may want the flexibility of competing in multiple dissimilar classes.  And  support equipment can be expensive, requiring a truck, trailer, garage, tools... it adds up very quickly.  Don't forget the time commitment of maintaining and transporting a racing car.  Compared to owning, renting can be a very affordable option!

If you find yourself nodding to any of these, or even just curious - call us!  Our current fleet includes both production and formula cars suitable for lapping days, driver's schools, or competition events.  Even if we don't have the specific car type you're looking for, we have a network of connections and may be able to point you in the right direction.  Above all, we'd like to help you solve the logistic hurdles and get out to the track!

Data Analysis

Modern technology has brought  data acquisition into the realm of the grassroots racer.  Even cell phones are getting in on the action, using GPS and accelerometers to supply lap and split time data.  More expensive investments in hardwired, high-dollar data acquisition systems bring volumes of useful data - but can be daunting! Allow us to  help you understand your data and translate it  into actions you can take on the track to find more speed.